How to Download and Play Math Circus Act 1

Math Circus Home MenuPlaying Math Circus in the computer lab of Summitview Public School way back in Grade 3 is one of my earliest (and fondest) video gaming memories. Along with other great games from my childhood such as Oregon Trail and The Incredible Machine, Math Circus is the perfect example of edutainment done right. The game was challenging (some levels still are), addicting and informative. For example, the lion game taught me how to do a selection sort and the witch game taught me that a wand is sharp enough to stab someone to death.

And don’t forget that awesome circus music that played every time you started the game: “Da da danna da na da dana da da…”

Now time for that trip down memory lane. Here is how to set everything up:

1) Download and Install DOSBox

Go to:

and click the Download Now button:




Run the file you just downloaded “DOSBox0.74-win**-installer” and go through the installation process.

2) Download Math Circus

Go to:

and click the blue Download button.

Next, open your C: drive:


and create a folder titled “oldgames”:

Then go to the folder you downloaded Math Circus to and extract the files.

Inside the extracted folder “m-a-t-h-s-circus” you’ll find another folder with the same name. Inside that folder is a folder titled “MATHCIR”, which is the one we’re looking for. Copy this folder and paste it inside the “oldgames” folder you created earlier.

3) Run the Game

Now for the fun part.

Open DOSBox. You should see a window that looks like this:

In this window, type the following:

mount c c:\oldgames\

Hit Enter.

Then type:


Hit Enter.







And that’s it. Enjoy!

I’ve completed 9 out of the 12 games so far. The last levels of the seal, traffic light, and trapeze games have me stumped, so I think I’ll save them for another day.

If you run into troubles installing the game or need some pointers for a particular level, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Side note to Greygum Software, the developers of this awesome game:

Buy Math Circus

In my search for a playable version of the game, I landed on your website. I was willing to pay you for this bit of nostalgia and I’m sure there are many others out there who would also be happy to. However, you are currently charging $132! For a game that is 20+ years old! I highly suggest releasing a more realistically priced version of the game – maybe in the form of an Android/iPhone app.